Seven Reasons Why Gemini Is The Most Disliked Zodiac Sign In Astrology

Seven Reasons why Gemini is the most disliked zodiac sign in astrology
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People who are born between May 21 and June 21belong to the zodiac sign Gemini. They are sociable, gregarious, curious, and whimsical. They have a weakness for gossip. Geminis are also very inventive and keep people entertained with their stories and tall tales.

Gemini often gets a bad rap for their duality or two-faced nature. With their blow-hot, blow-cold attitude, it’s hard to figure them out. To others, they seem pretty complicated and unpredictable. In fact, they seem rather like split personalities. They can switch so quickly from being friendly and outgoing to moody and aloof that it will literally make your head spin! It’s human nature, after all, to dislike something that is hard to pin down. For this reason, many people dislike Geminis.

Why people dislike Gemini?

They are not good listeners

Geminis make good talkers but not so good listeners. The reason is that that they have a short attention span and get bored easily. They have very little patience with bores and will make it clear that they are bored, which many people may find rather offensive.

They are two-faced

Geminis are often described as two-faced. They will be all sweetness and light one moment, but the very next moment, they may become cold and aloof. This can be very bewildering and hurtful to people who may wonder what they did to provoke such a reaction. It could be just a mood, which Gemini does not feel obliged to explain. Or maybe they read some nuance in your words that you never intended. Despite their flippant and devil-may-care attitude, Gemini is very vulnerable to imagined slights. And sometimes, they prefer to retreat into an icy silence instead of confronting others.

They are very sarcastic

Geminis were born with a sharp tongue and biting wit. Their humor has a sharp edge that can cut like a knife and puncture big egos. Some of their jokes feel like taunts or worse, insults. They often do not realize the effect their sarcasm has on others and can be surprised at the reaction. But sometimes, they also unleash their sharp wit on purpose because if there is one thing Gemini hates, it’s people who think too much of themselves. Nothing gives Gemini more delight than pulling the legs of pompous and self-righteous types.

They refuse to commit

Commitment is very difficult for Gemini. They hate to be tied down, for one. Secondly, they feel that someone better may come along, and so maybe they should hold out. They do not tolerate possessiveness and jealousy at all. This can be problematic for relationships. Their flirtatious nature and tendency to play the field will earn them the wrath of their partners.

They don’t need others

Geminis love company; it’s true. But don’t expect to see them sitting and moping when company is lacking. Gemini knows how to have fun and enjoy life all by themselves, and they may even boast about it too. Their lack of sentimentality and cool attitude makes people think that they are cold and unfeeling. But actually, Gemini is afraid of revealing their emotions, as they do not wish to appear weak or maudlin.

They are impatient and impulsive

Gemini thinks that life is too short and doesn’t believe in wasting time. They want to do so many things all at once. They are very impatient with people who they think are too slow. They can even lash out at people when they are in an impatient mood. They hate waiting for others to catch up with them and prefer to leave them behind without a backward glance. Their impulsive nature also gets them into many scrapes. They can rush to judgments about people and regret it later.

They love to gossip

Geminis are like magpies, but what they like to collect is information. Being curious in nature, they want to know everything about everyone. They also like to share information, which explains their love of gossip. Many people do not take kindly to their desire to ferret out information, especially when the information is shared in an indiscriminating manner.

Despite the fact that Gemini is often disliked by many people, these people can be quite addictive and irresistible. Those who truly understand a Gemini will appreciate their warm and friendly nature, childlike innocence and playfulness, irrepressible joy and zest for life, and their kindness and compassion for the less fortunate. Gemini compatibility is higher with other Air signs like Libra and Aquarius, and also Fire signs like Leo and Sagittarius.

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