The Full Rupin Pass Trek Guide

rupin pass trek
Rupin Pass Trek

It must be the Rupin Pass if there’s a classic trek in India. This trek is like an orchestra, each hour or so, builds momentum with surprises. The walk takes you each step to a new view and unfolds a new landscape. All of a sudden!

Start your first day of trekking with surprises. When you see the Rupin River appear in a wide bed below you about twenty minutes on the path. And here it does not stop. It does not stop.

The path leads you from here through the hanging villages and then plunges you into a deep pine forest quite suddenly! Not everything. This isn’t everything. The trail then crosses glacial wilderness, snow bridges, glaciation valleys, snowfields, and hundreds of waterfalls!

The Rupin River is the only constant on this path you are blinded by surprises. In addition to the scenery, the blue waters of the Rupin run along the way. Sometimes rushing, gliding around sometimes.

The famous three-story waterfall of the Rupin in the U-shaped glacial valley culminates. It appears as if the waterfall falls off the clouds when you see it from afar!

And then all this ends in the adventurous climb of a thrilling flourish. Not surprisingly, Rupin Pass is one of the best walks to go. It’s an awesome experience!

That said, this is a difficult and moderate walk. You cover nearly 10 km each day and the pitch is very difficult. The climb from the Upper Waterfall to Rati Pheri and the steep ascent to the Rupin Pass at 15380 ft through the ravine demands excellent lung energy. Get ready! Get ready!

A few quick facts about the Rupin Pass trek are before we start here.

Rupin Pass is walked through the Himalayas during a 7 day period (including from and to the hike, buffer, and air conditioning day).

The tour starts in Jiskun, a remote village in Uttarakhand, and ends in Himachal Pradesh, in the village of Sangla. This is an exceptional journey, beginning and ending in one state.

Lower waterfall campsite

It is a moderately difficult hike that should only be tried by experienced hikers (more on this page in advance).

Probably one of the most exquisite campsites in the Himalayas is the lower cascade. It is located on the bed of a lush, green meadow, at the foot of a perfect “U”-shaped glacier valley. The snow-packed cliffs tower on all three sides, from your sight on the bottom of the meadow.

Frontage, the Rupin falls down to form the famous Rupin Waterfalls from the snowy range of Dhauladhar for over two thousand feet. This campsite is a luxury to spend two days!

The adventurous pass crossing

The Rupin River is a half-pipe from the side of the mountain. The view of the near-vertical ascent is enough when you first see it on a trail to stop your heart. (Even our staff and Trek Leaders attest to this feeling – though they have done this trek many times!).).

The 200 meters climb is on a steep snow flank through the mountain’s narrow rocky borders. Because it is difficult to find a foothold here, our staff will cut down on hard ice for you. As you go up, you’ll find that your foot is echoing and traveling across the slope. This ascension is just as thrilling!

The grasslands on the Kinnaur side

The trail descends sharply from the snowline following the pass, across the endless wetlands to Sangla Kanda. In the heart of this grassland is the Ronti Gad camp. The snow-capped mountains lean over the campground and the camp has a large stream.

After the long day of the pass, this is a gift! The Sangla Kanda meadows are awesome, particularly in their surroundings. With over 20,000 ft, the sharp clasped edge of the range of the Kinnaur Kailash with a view of the Sangla Kanda waters is enough to leave you alert.

Best Time to do Rupin Pass

The Rupin Pass Trek – Summer and Autumn – is mainly 2 seasons. The hike can be done from mid-May until the end of June during the summer. It can be done between the middle of September and the middle of October in the autumn. These are the best times to walk along the Rupin Pass.

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