How To Backup SQL Server Transaction Log Files?

Backup SQL Server Transaction

Backup SQL Server Transaction Log is essential for every enterprise. The SQL Server manages and stores information like financial accounts, customer records, etc. It has a significant role in the growth of an organization. If this data gets lost due to any reason, the company will face many problems.

It is necessary to back up the SQL Server data. It helps the organization to protect valuable information in case of any mishappening. The data can get recovered to its original state. There are various practices to save useful records for future use. But, before practicing any method, you should be aware of the basics elements of the process.

What is SQL Server?

Microsoft SQL Server is a Relational Database Management System that maintains and stores the information and retrieves it as required by other software. It has features like data management and business intelligence (BI) tools. It is a useful utility for businesses to maintain a record for relational data.

Microsoft SQL is a useful software for enterprises. It can store customer information like personal details, account information, etc. It also maintains the financial account of employees. Several features like online data sharing, data management are useful for organizations to manage the information.

It saves every transaction history in the form of the Transaction log. So, the backup SQL server transaction log is a crucial practice to protect the file data.

What is a Transaction Log?

A Transaction log is the history of every modification made in the Database System. The log file stores the transaction record. It is an integral component of every Database Management System that automatically gets created. The log files are different from the data files.

They contain the record of every transaction made in the Database System. So, they play a crucial role in restoring the lost data. The data recovery tools use such files because they have every modification history. It retrieves the data files and restores the original data.

The log files get generated with every transaction in the SQL Server Database. So, large disk space gets filled with these files in a short period. Covering a significant disk space is the main problem with these files. However, there are some practices through which you can free up the disk space without deleting any file. One such method is to create a backup SQL server transaction log.

Reasons to Create Transaction Log Backup

The transaction logs are necessary for the SQL Server Database. They record every modification in the Database System. They help in restoring the data to the point in time. So, backing up such files is helpful. Also, there are other reasons why you should back up the transaction log:

  • Creating a backup SQL Server transaction log is necessary for a point in time recovery. You can retrieve all the user data from the transaction log backup. The root of the database directory is the SQL Server backup log file location. So, It will be useful in case of accidental data loss.
  • If the transaction log files are not saved, they can grow indefinitely and fill up all the available disk space. You should back up the transaction log file to free up the required disk space for efficient working of the system.
  • Sometimes, the data files get corrupted due to any reason. In such a scenario, you are unable to access the essential files. The log file backup is also for repairing corrupted files. So, you can access the necessary data.

How to Backup SQL Server Transaction Log?

After learning the importance of transaction log files, the next step is to backup SQL Server transaction log files. There are simple methods you can back up such files.  You can create MS SQL log backup using T-SQL commands in the SQL Server Management Studio(SSMS).

  1. T-SQL Command

First, you need to take a full backup of the Database System. It is required to make an initial point for the log files.

Note: Use the BACKUP DATABASE command to backup the complete Database System.

  • Install and run the SSMS.
Backup SQL Server Transaction Log
  • Click on the Connect button and select the New Query option.
SQL Server Backup Log File Location
  • Use the following commands.
  • Click on Execute button

After making the database backup, you can start backing up the transaction log file. In the command Backup Folder Name is the SQL Server Backup Log File Location.

  • Give the following commands in the T-SQL:
  • Click on Execute button
  1. SQL Server Management Studio

You can create MS SQL log backup manually, using the SQL Server Management Studio. Follow the steps below:

  • Install and run the SSMS.
  • Choose a database name and Right-Click on it.
Transaction Log Backup
  • Select Task and then Backup.
MS SQL Log Backup
  • Choose Transaction Log as backup type and tick the Disk option for Destination.
How to Backup SQL Server Transaction Log Files
  • Click on the Add button and type the destination file path (eg. C:/Filename.TRN) and click on the OK button.
  • Once again, click on the OK button to create the backup.

What If the File Gets Corrupted?

If you can not open the files in the Database System, it means the files become corrupted. There may be some errors in the codes of the file. It happens due to several reasons like virus attack, malicious activity, etc. However, you can repair the corrupted files using the DBCC in Management Studio.

  1. DBCC checkdb Command

The SSMS is useful to backup SQL Server transaction log files and to repair the corrupted file. For damaged file repairing using the DBCC commands, follow the steps below:

  • Install and Run the SQL Server Management Studio(SSMS).
  • Connect it to the Database System and click on the New Query option.
  • Give the following command.
  • Click on Execute button.

Another method of repairing corrupted MS SQL files and restoring the original data is through Third-party software. MS SQL Recovery Tool is a fast and easy to use software that repairs the damaged files and retrieves the maximum possible data.


The log files are essential for any database. It stores the history of every transaction. In case of accidental data loss, such files act as a blueprint of the Database System. Moreover, if the files get corrupted then, It is possible to restore the data from log files to its original form. So, the best practice to protect the database information is the backup SQL server transaction log. Here, I have Mentioned the Different Methods to Backup SQL Server Transaction Log Files. Thanks for reading this article. You can know the best method to backup Hotmail emails here.

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