How Circular Training Method Improves Your Well Being?

circular training method

This method is nothing more than strength aerobics. That is, it is something between pure aerobics and strength training. Its essence lies in the fact that you do all the exercises in a circle. Let’s say you have 10 exercises per workout. You do one set of the first exercise, then, without rest, one set of the second exercise. And so on, until you do one approach in all exercises without rest. This way you end up with one mega approach, which is one circle. Then, after resting, you go to the next round with the same exercises. And there may be several such circles per workout. Usually three to five (depending on the amount of exercise).

Circular Training

This training helps build endurance

As you can guess, this training method is very difficult and is only suitable for fairly trained people. You must have good strength endurance (which does not come immediately). But it seems to me that you are more interested in the question of what such training can give you. I will say right away that this way you will not pump up. Since high intensity implies low weights. And a large number of approaches at a time involves performing exercises for different muscle groups. You simply cannot do more than three sets without resting on the same muscle. By the way, please, do not confuse the circular training method with supersets, where quite often one muscle group is “bombed” in one superset.

Helps work on all muscles

So, as a rule, all muscles of the body are worked out in one circle. It is clear that high intensity and exercises for all the muscles of the body at once are not able to pump up any particular muscle group. It is important that if you are new to doing working out like this learn to treat ankle sprains with compression for being ready for any such sort of injuries. Also, this method is ideal for those who want to get rid of excess fat while retaining as much muscle as possible. The typical aerobic core of the circular method will help burn fat just like any other aerobics. But strength training will load your muscles enough to prevent muscle breakdown. In other words, your muscles will not grow in volume, but they may well become more prominent. That is, this training method is ideal for those who want to make the body more prominent, or who just want to lose weight.

In addition, this method of training perfectly trains the cardiovascular system. By strengthening your heart and improving vascular elasticity.
Training method comparison table

Set of circular training methods

The principles of compiling a set of training according to the circular method:

1. Try to include all the muscles in your body in every workout.

2. Distribute the exercises so that the upper and lower body exercises alternate. This way you will be less tired.

3. Begin and end the circle with light exercise. Place the heaviest ones in the middle. Choose which exercises are easier for you to do and which ones are harder.

4. Rest between circles using your heart rate. It seems to me that after your heart rate drops to 120 beats per minute, you can start the next circle. In the beginning, you will have to rest for a long time, but gradually you will come to the fact that your heart rate will recover faster and faster.

5. Try to choose a time when there are fewer people in the room. After all, you will need several barbell simulators and a dumbbell at the same time.

6. Prepare all equipment and simulators in advance. Remember that the circle should be one continuous set. And everything must be ready in advance.

7. As you get used to it, you can slowly increase the number of repetitions in the exercises. Or add one circle (who just wants to lose weight). This is who you like. You can also try to increase the weight (who wants to get more relief). But, as a rule, at this intensity, it is quite difficult to implement.

Bottom Line

You can train like this two, three, or even four times a week. It is better than the complexes are different within one week. But, in principle, two are enough. Then just alternate them. If you want to try something new and feel well prepared – give it a try!

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