Dull Skin Causing You Worry? Here’s 5 Causes And 5 Ways To Rejuvenate

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Dull Skin Causing You Worry

As age progresses, our skin produces less oil which can lead to dead skin causing it to become dull and dry. Excessive dryness can lead to dehydrated skin, eczema and psoriasis. In this post, we will be discussing some dermatologist recommended hacks that you can use for getting that glow back. 

Before we step into that let us dig into what are the reasons that are causing you dryness and ways to prevent it. 

Reasons for skin dryness 

Skin is the largest organ of our body and it needs as much attention as any other organ. If you feel your skin is getting dry, here are some reasons you need to check out that might be causing it. 

Not drinking enough water 

In case you are consuming less water than recommended, you are leaving your skin dry and under-hydrated. The recommended intake is around 8-10 glasses every day. Consuming appropriate water levels will keep your skin hydrated thus keeping it moisturized and healthy. 

Apart from this, you can add some face serum into your skincare regime that can help in binding the moisture of your skin. There is a direct relationship between consuming water and the skin’s appearance. 

Your skin is not moisturized enough 

It is essential to use a moisturizer that keeps your skin healthy and hydrated. Keeping your skin moisturized will help in maintaining the balance that can help in fighting premature aging and the occurrence of other skin problems. It also keeps your skin young and vibrant. You must make use of moisturizer twice a day specifically in the morning and before sleeping. 

It can become more beneficial if you go for a moisturizer rich in antioxidants such as Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and glutathione. 

Excessive dead skin cells 

Our skin disposes off dead cells naturally to produce new cells. At certain times they end up not performing as they ought to do, instead, they start building up on your skin which can cause your skin to become flaky, patchy, and dry. 

Seasonal dryness 

Our skin becomes dry and patchy especially during winters as the air becomes too dry and cold. You must keep your skin moisturized at such times. Excessive exposure to cold waves can cause your skin to become dull and dry. Applying an oil-based moisturizer and antioxidant-rich face serum will help you overcome this skin condition. 

Early signs of aging 

Aging is a natural process that cannot be avoided which can cause dryness of the skin. You can easily control premature aging by using the right kind of skincare products in your daily regime. For instance, using glutathione-based skincare products such as face serum or face wash or intake in the form of Glutone 1000 or glutone tablets for skin which can help in controlling early signs by keeping your skin hydrated and healthy. 

Different ways by which you can revitalize your skin dryness 

Be gentle  

While choosing your skincare products make sure that you choose gentle products that do not harm your skin. Remember to remove makeup before you hit the pillow to avoid clogging of pores. 

Harsh face wash or soaps can cause inflammation, irritation, and redness as it damages the layers of skin. 

While removing makeup, make use of wipes or cleansing oil and afterwards clean it with a gentle face wash. Also, avoid using hot water for rinsing as it can dilute the natural oils from your skin thus leaving it to dry. 

Exfoliate regularly 

Exfoliation is another process that can help in getting rid of dryness. It helps in removing dead cells and unclogging your pores. This process allows your skin to remain hydrated and makes it vigorous and young. The exfoliation process also helps in collagen production and locks moistness in. 

Add serum to the list! 

Face serum is essential and should be included in your daily skincare regime. It comes with concentrated ingredients which are effective in keeping your skin vibrant and young. You can choose ingredients such as Vitamin C, Vitamin D, green tea extract, glutathione, and retinol. 

This face serum provides necessary antioxidants to your skin. 

Add some important things to your skin repair routine 

Add a good and gentle moisturizer, do not forget to apply sunscreen daily, and make sure you add a face mask to make your skin blooming and vibrant. 

The bottom line 

Various factors can easily make your skin dehydrated, unhealthy, parched, and flaky. So you must use a good moisturizer, hydrating serums, and antioxidant products that keep it vibrant and young.

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