Data Center Security: How Safe Is Your Data?


For protecting the customer’s data and the data center, the physical practices and virtual technology that we follow come under data center security. Protection is basically needed against external and internal threats. Here, you will use the facility provided by someone else for housing the infrastructure that is mission-critical. Now I will describe the importance of securing the data center.

Location of the Data Center

Normally, there is a distance of about 20 miles between the headquarters or offices and the data center that is strategically located. In recent decades, there is an immense increase in the severe cyclones, floods and heavy storms. For providing security and safety to the information, it is important that the areas of natural disaster and man-made disaster do not risk the facility. Power plants, chemical facilities and airports are some areas of high-risk.

Biometrics and systems of access control

In recent years, a method of entry that is becoming popular day by day, is biometric identification. There is no need to access cards or passcodes here. The facility can get an additional security if it gives the access permission by a key fob or a card key, along with the biometrics. A mantrap is an extra measure. Here, you will find an airlock between two separate doors. With the feature, it is possible to open the data center’s only one door at a time. Both doors will require an authentication if you want to open these. It is necessary for the visitors to pass through similar functionality and it applies on each entry in the data center. For separating the general staff area from the visitor area, it is necessary to provide inner entrance authentication and outer entrance authentication, separately.

Surveillance of security

Will you like if a person with a disk walks into the data center and copies the information? Definitely not. So, it is necessary to protect the information from any unauthorized access. Now if someone enters the critical areas then it becomes important to keep his record by the data center. Providing protection and security to the building is so important. At each access point, exit and entrance of the building, installing a security camera will be a good idea.

Providing redundancy

If the primary source fails, then in this case it is possible to get storage, personnel and equipment in the form of an extra layer that the data center provides. It is possible to redundantly reinforce the utilities like telephone lines, power, water, air conditioning, ventilation, heating, batteries and generators. With this, providing a backup to these utilities is possible, so that if an equipment fails because of natural disaster or power outage then you can guarantee that all the necessary things can take place easily.

Redundancy at the personnel level

If the staff or employees are responsible for taking the visitors to the data center then providing a safeguard in this situation comes under personnel redundancy. If in the building, repair crews or contractors arrive then the chances of this kind of instance increase. So, it is necessary that when a critical equipment undergoes maintenance and for repairing it a worker comes from outside then for accompanying him an employee is always required to be present with him.

Redundancy at the storage level

If in the data center, network security’s additional layer is needed then it comes under storage redundancy. Several carriers and physical infrastructures can get redundant access to the internet from a number of companies. Their purpose is to provide the best security to the customers who access the internet. If there is information that is sensitive then for providing data security’s extra layer to it an option of private cloud hosting can be taken into consideration.

What is the importance of data center security?

Financial records, customer information and intellectual property are the information that are sensitive and proprietary and are present in the data centers. So, it is important to provide digital and physical security to these.

Are data centers secure?

Digital as well as physical security are provided by the data centers. At each access point, exit and entrance there is installation of the cameras. If someone enters the data center, then an assurance of security can be provided by biometric identification. So, we can say that the data centers are secure.

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