Complete Guide On Trade Mark Registration In Dubai

Trade mark registration in dubai
Trade Mark Registration

Every business must have a trademark. There are no one or two benefits of having it! A brand brings employees, customers, and underlines of your business together to make your way to success! When you have a trademark for your company, it’s easy to find you on the market! This gives your business more recognition and increases your customer base. More than anything trademarks like gold; This is the most valuable asset that you can have. Your trademark value will only increase with your brand’s reputation.

When you give a brand name to your company, people will search for you on the internet with that name! It will make your brand more popular on the internet. It is sure to bring you more customers. It will ensure your business and products will not face any risks. Registration is very crucial as it prevents a third party from stealing your business away.

What is a Trademark?

A registered trademark is a symbol, a word, or a group of words representing a company or a product. Since it is legally registered, no other business can copy it or use it for its purpose without explicit permission. The recognition of the brand helps distinguish the product or service from other competitors. The Ministry of Economy is the competent authority that oversees all records of trademarks in the UAE.

How To Register a Trademark?

Trademark Registration in dubai for your company can take a little time, but it is necessary to protect the company from the imitators. The following steps will give a detailed description of the brand registration process-

Inquire About Current Trademarks

Before registering a registered trademark, the first step is to search if the registered trademark we want is already in use or not. If you are in use by a different commercial entity, you cannot use the particular trademark. Only after choosing the appropriately registered trademark, the procedure to register a registered trademark begins.

Make Sure it is not already registered

If another company has a registered trademark, it can not be registered. You can search online using tools such as Dial. If the registered trademark is not registered, go ahead with the next step.

Fill out the Form

The Ministry of Economy is the regulatory authority governing the registered trademark application. Fill out the application form and send the documents above as in

  • Registered trademark logo 
  • Trade license of the 
  • POA
  • Passes of goods and services to protect

Once the necessary documents are loaded, request the registration.

Pay the Amount

After acquiring the necessary documents, you have to pay a registered trademark registration fee. Make a payment online at the Electronic Services Portal of the Ministry of Economy. The total estimated cost of registering a trademark in the United Arab Emirates is around $ 10,437. You may have to incur some additional legal charges or an additional translation fee.

MOE Reviews Application

MOE will review the registered trademark request and brand registration in the dubai. It is a suggestion that it be precise and careful when completing the form since any missing or incorrect information can obtain the rejected request. If the request has no problems, then the Ministry of Economy will generally approve within 30 days.

Publish in Newspaper

After giving him approval, the Ministry will publish the document in two different national newspapers. If someone has any objection to the registered trademark, they can express their complaint below thirty days of posting the request.

Final Registration

If there is no complaint against the registered trademark in the specified time, the Ministry of Economy will provide you with a registration certificate. It would include the registration number, the date of the application, the name of the company and the name of the owner, its registered trademark, and the description of your product, goods, and services that come under it.

Once the registered trademark records, it would be valid for ten years to be renewed even more after payment of a specific amount. 


The process mentioned above may seem simple enough, but even a single error in the application process will reject.  Therefore, it would be beneficial to contact the service of a company that would ensure that your request has all the necessary relevant information. 

The stronger the registered trademark, the best protection you will have. The best trademarks are suggestive, original, arbitrary, descriptive, fantasies, and unexpected. Registered trademarks that are basic or inadequately show and describe products or brands generally receive less protection. Descriptive trademarks can also be registered, but they are weak. 

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