Best Methods to Backup Hotmail Emails to the Hard Drive

In this blog, we will discuss how to Backup Hotmail Emails to a Hard drive? But, first, acknowledge a little about Hotmail mail clients. The Hotmail email client is now referred to as It has always stayed at the corner of webmail services and reached several ups and downs since its launch. Then, the Hotmail client became an easy target for hacking activities. 

There have been several incidents reported about losing Hotmail mailbox data within seconds. So, keeping a copy of Hotmail data on the local PC has now become a necessity. However, taking a backup of a Hotmail mailbox on a hard drive won’t be fair to the digital industry. In such situations, one can move Hotmail data to renowned mail clients such as Thunderbird, eM client, Outlook, and so on.

How do I export emails from Hotmail Manually?

There is no such way to Backup Hotmail Emails to Hard Drive or local system. Let’s, take a look at the most suitable strategy for individuals to store their email messages on external storage media. 

  • Sign in to your Hotmail profile by entering the valid username and password.
  • Choose the email address you wish to take backup.
  • In the header message section, navigate the arrow facing down symbol beside the Reply option.
  • Now, pick the option to View message source Or right-click on the Context Menu that displays, then tap the View message source option. 

When the View source code appears on the screen, then go through the below- mentioned instructions: 

  • For Windows: Hold the (Ctrl+A) keys to highlight the whole text and then hit (Ctrl+C) to replicate the marked text.
  • For Mac: Hold the (Command +A) keys, followed by (Command+C) keys to select and replicate the source code on the MAC OS. 

Demonstrate whether the portal permits you to store Hotmail emails straightforward to EML file format or not:

  • Redirect to the File menu, go to the Save As tab in the email source code tab. 
  • Change the file name accordingly, followed by a .eml extension(For example- email1.eml).
  • Commonly, browsers by default permits .html or .htm extensions for saving files. So, make sure the file format should always be .eml type.
  • Tap the Continue button and stock the message anywhere on your hard disk.

When a portal doesn’t permit storing files in EML file format: 

  • After replicating the source code message, launch a plain text editor application like Notepad.
  • Open a new document.
  • Hold (Ctrl+V) key in Windows and (Command+V) if operating on an Apple system.
  • Utilizing the following commands will duplicate the content and store it in .eml file format in your external storage media.

The above method will help Backup Hotmail Emails to Hard Drive endlessly.

Key Points to Remember while utilizing the manual approach:

  • The above-mentioned strategy is considered as the best way to backup Hotmail emails if there is no commercial utility available in the market.
  • A user can save only one message at a time utilizing the manual approach.
  • The user needs to operate the approach in repetition if wishes to perform a bulk migration.
Backup Hotmail Emails to Hard Drive

The manual approach indicates its lagging properties. In such a case, one can completely depend on the Best Hotmail Backup Software by Cigati Solutions. The utility implies a utility that is designed using advanced algorithms and modern intellectuals to resolve the problem at an instance. Let’s take a look at the incredible traits of the same.


  • To Restores the Hotmail mailbox to the hard drive in various file formats.
  • Exports Hotmail email messages to Yahoo, Thunderbird, Zimbra, Gmail, etc.
  • Promotes a Date Range feature for excluding the emails you do not wish to export.
  • Validates renaming the emails after the saving option is available.
  • There is no data loss throughout the backup process.
  • It cannot Require pre-installed MS Outlook for configuration purposes.
  • It can support Windows variants 8.1/2012/2016/2000/2003/XP/2007/2008.

Above, we have discussed the major strategies to resolve the query- How to backup Hotmail emails in Hard Drive? The portable technique is undeveloped and faulty as we can infer by the challenges of the manual approach. In such a case, the commercial strategy is the overpowering way one can utilize to store their Hotmail mailbox data into the hard disk. I hope you find the above solutions rewarding.

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