5 Gorgeous Picnic Ideas that Will Make Your Family Picnics More Memorable

The beauty of picnics is even more realized when you see the smiles of your loved ones with a backdrop of spectacular views. A heart delighted with joy and a tummy filled with goodness – that’s what picnics are all about! 

Many families choose to watch movies, go shopping, dine in restaurants, play video games and all the other modern-feeling activities you can think of. Times have changed, so the way and the frequency of families spending time together have shifted too. 

In this day and age when every member of the family, even the kids, are getting busier, bonding without distractions has become quite an extravagance. Without a doubt, it’s not easy to match schedules with each other and to invite the whole family for a leisure break that everybody will agree on. When you’re a parent with kids growing up fast, you understand that you wish you can do more fun things together. On the other hand, when you’re a child with parents growing old as you grow up, you realize that you hope you can spend more happy times with them. 

Because time seems to be in a hurry, why not save your days off or weekends for a worthwhile family picnic! Many kids and even parents today won’t put it on top of their family’s to-do lists on holidays because interests and trends have changed. You can say that picnics are part of the classics, that’s why! But hey, going out on picnics with the family has great advantages more than you can think! 

Now, you can make this classic family activity more magnetizing and more unforgettable for your dearests! Aside from preparing mouth-watering snacks and dishes, you can work on the visuals. Choosing the picnic spot is a weighty step, and after that, you can go on decorating your area in the picnic grounds! Need help? Here’s a list of 5 gorgeous picnic ideas that you should never miss!



Carve sweetness into your picnic by the beach while witnessing the skies refashion in comforting colors. 

Nothing’s going to be like a dessert party picnic with some salty chips on the side. If you want to make it more romantic and sugary, choose the desserts not usually served on dessert tables such as fresh strawberries, cherries, sweetened pretzels, rich muffins, flavorsome parfaits and luscious breads! But of course, you can add cakes and cupcakes as you and your darlings please. 

Since these yummy confections are already colorful and bright as they are, you don’t want your spot to look crowded with printed and vivid mats, so plain white will be just right! A white or dirty white picnic mat will be perfect to highlight your pretty dessert sets and your comely rattan baskets. 

This picnic idea will be so much loved when you don’t want heavy picnic meals but just light and hearty nibbles. It’s excellent for heartwarming family-friendly picnic dates by the sandy shore!   



Irresistible sophistication and elegance are not confined in fine dining restaurants and grandiose hotels. They are so much possible even on top of innumerable monochromatic sands! 

Get your eye-candy charcuterie board arranged and prepared with love! If you aren’t familiar yet what that is, a charcuterie board is a collection of various cured meats, raw vegetables, fruits, jellies, cheeses, nuts and other bite-size foods beautifully set above a wooden board. Thinking of it just makes one thrilled because charcuterie boards are meant to be awesomely vibrant, perfect for your heart-reaction-worthy picnic photos!

To make the scene more graceful, take your goblets and glasses out for you to enjoy your refreshing wine! It’s more ideal for family gatherings without kids, but no worries, for the little ones who can’t have wine yet, you can just bring an extra bottle of tasty juices! Also, sparkling beverages can be an alternative when you don’t want any alcoholic drink in your family picnic. 

Forget not to wear your lovely OOTDs that fit a modish charcuterie-and-wine picnic date by the waters. You don’t want to forget how fancy the family day will absolutely be!     



Frowns turn into smiles and still hearts violently flutters. What’s the reason? This cute picnic setup that suits you no matter the generation you come from! It’s the taste of childhood coming from the depths of adorable, lovesome, worth-your-money *drum rolls* bento boxes! 

Indeed, you can paint zestful colors to your plain family picnics using these creative lunch boxes. Well, if those boxes you own don’t have much colors, then you can sprinkle the colors inside using toothsome meals, rice rolls, gimbap, sushi, maki, salmon, crabsticks and the like! Oh so drool-worthy! Your picnic mat can be the plainest of all things, but these delectable and flamboyant grubs will never disappoint.

This is the picnic style where you can freely bring out the personalized chopsticks or colored utensils you’re hesitant to use on debonair dinners. HAH, finally, the kid in you is alive! Open the bento boxes, and bring out the childhood memories you miss! And before you forget, make sure you carry with you those winsome Japanese milk bottles and cartons too!



Seasonal but when you catch it, you wouldn’t want to let go. The cherry blossoms’ comeliness is a priceless picnic scenery. No need for decorated mats and baskets. The fields where the flowers fall do the magic! 

If ever you get the chance to visit countries with blooming cherry blossoms, don’t be reluctant to have a picnic there with your loved ones. It’s a uniquely fantastic experience, so let it slip not! 



When gorgeous picnic ideas is the topic, you’ll be awfully kidding if you skip this one! 

It’s a picnic feeling like paradise. The relaxed Bohemian charm will assure nobody and nothing included in your family’s picnic looks less than pretty!

One of the main eye catchers in this idea is the low-lying table at the center of the mat. Unlike the typical picnic setups, the Boho style includes a wooden table. You can rent one or bring yours if you own such. It’s just so alluring, especially when the vintage candlelights and the finely vased flowers and plants are placed on top! Of course, your precious ceramic plates, cups, saucers and utensils will complete the sightliness of the table arrangement. Feels like a fabulous hotel or better! 

Aside from the mentioned items that make the Bohemian picnic style very appealing, the pillows and cushions can never ever be ignored. Woven rattan pillows, furry cushions, aztec-patterned pads and knitted blankets are included in the most famous aspects of the Boho idea. 

Even from afar, its charm will captivate you. Your loved ones wouldn’t want to get up and go anywhere else because the glamor of the Boho picnic look is worthy of everyone’s attention. Ask the kids to sit down and eat, and they will! It will be a perfect help to keep your family focused and conversing over appetizing picnic foods.



Picnics with families and other loved ones are still valued. Even when times have changed, they can’t get old and rusty. They can still be the best moments where your family can get together, bond and build new stories. 

These picnic ideas are gorgeous without question. Surely your cameras won’t stop shooting to capture every loveable scenario, but also don’t forget to live in the moment, OK? That will make your family picnics a hundred times more enchanting and more memorable.




Nicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host and a voice over artist. She finds quality and well-researched writing as a worthwhile avenue to enlighten and delight others about things that matter. For her, it’s restoring and fulfilling to the heart and a great way to clear the mind while loading it up with fresh learning. Film critiquing and filmmaking are among her interests too. Giving all the glory to God, Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.

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